Giving Tuesday: SPCA of Luzerne County

We are thankful for many different things this year, but the top of our list is you, our supporter. You have helped us make sure our animals are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, well fed, and loved while they wait for their forever homes. We want to take this moment to say, “THANK YOU!” Thank you for everything you do for the animals of Luzerne County.

With all we are thankful for, there is something that we noticed in the last year and a half. It became apparent that many families loved their pets, but still had to surrender them to the SPCA or other shelters. Whether it was a loss of a job or change in health, financial instability can be an overwhelming obstacle to keeping their pets. With a little assistance these pets could stay in their loving homes, leaving more space open in the SPCA to take care of the stray, abandoned, and neglected animals in our care. The SPCA assisted these loving families as much as possible but unfortunately had their limits.

Here is where a concerned member of our community stepped in and donated $2,500 to start the “Angel Fund”. Whether it is temporary assistance with a month supply of food, helping pay for emergency medical needs, it the best fit for the pet is to stay in their home, the “Angel Fund” will further help these families do just that…. Keep their pets.

For #GivingTuesday  our goal is to double the $2,500 donation and raise $5,000!!! Consider making a donation to this wonderful cause to keep family and pets together. To donate click here and know you helped keep a beloved pet safe and comfortable in their own home.


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